These are small groups (generally 8 to 10 campers per group) that cover a diverse variety of topics.
Each camper will choose a group to be in for the entire week.



Tennis - Sandy Kreger

~~ Sandy played tennis all through high school, and just for fun all through college. She is rusty, but motivated.


Songwriting  - Bruce Bielawa

~~ Bruce is a classically trained musician, former music professor, singer-songwriter with a catalog of over a hundred original songs.


Fishing Lake Van Etten  - Kevin Melchert

~~ I grew up fishing with family and friends on lakes in northern and southern Michigan. I have learned the best experiences in fishing are connecting with friends and nature.


Making Mosaic Stained Glass Pictures - Don Spencer

~~ Don trained with the master, Khaim Pinkhasik and has been doing this art form for 17 years. You can see Don’s art at this website.


Active Hope: Facing the challenges of today - Verne McArthur

~~ This is a process developed by Joanna Macy, environmental activist and Buddhist scholar. I've been trained in this process by her and have previously led workshops on this process.


Wanna horse around? - Ed Saunders

~~ As a kid, I attended Y camp for 8 years, starting with 1 week as a camper and expanding each year until I was a counselor-in-training and stable boy for the full summer the last couple years. Horses were a central part of my camp experience and I have been interested in horses ever since. Another major qualification: in elementary school, kids called me Mr. Ed. Leading this group at the last Nissokone camp was an exceptionally rich and rewarding experience.


Our bodies, our power, our peace - Mary Seibert and Kari Gunderson

~~ Mary: nursing, massage, healing touch, yoga teacher, avid hiker.

~~ Kari worked in a medical setting for nine years as a neuromuscular and myofascial massage therapist, led many workshops on massage instruction and self-care for muscle pain management. I have a two-year exercise science degree and expired ACSM certification as a health and fitness instructor. Have taught many kinds of exercise classes.


Managing money in the 21st century - Steve Lyskawa

~~ I am a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. I have had numerous sessions with financial advisors along with taking two workshops recently. I am an expert on dealing with online financial programs and institutions. I have advanced knowledge on security issues that deal with online money management and transactions.


Vacation Lounge   - Gretchen Suhre

~~ I have experience in leading group sharing, checkins, class activities. I'm good at coordinating folks and making them feel welcomed and a part of the group. I can lead ice breaking activities.


Understanding Ourselves & Connecting with Others - Ann-Patrice Foley

~~ Building rich and meaningful relationship with myself and others has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I have a masters in social work and have been facilitating groups, both professionally and personally, for 30 years.


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