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The Art Squad (AKA Art Journalism)  - Harold Goldfus

~~ I have led drawing groups at camp for over ten years. I am a member of both the worldwide and Chicago Urban Sketchers groups. I post my artwork regularly on Facebook.


Soul Sanctuary  -  Lynne Fairchild

~~ I have been a group leader at Amuuse and Saug-for-All since 1997, and I lead groups professionally. I am trained and certified as a professional life coach, and I have led and been a part of women's spirituality groups since 1991. I'm an artist and have taken many classes in art journaling.


Everyday Happiness - Maryellen Doherty

~~ I'm passionate about personal and spiritual growth and enjoying life. I have a Masters in Holistic Counseling, and I enjoy developing and facilitating personal growth workshops. For the past 5 years I've been leading a semi-monthly group for empowering and connecting women over 50.

Making Mosaic Stained Glass Pluss - Don Spencer

~~ I have 20 plus years of working in mosaic stained glass and 50 years teaching.


How to give (and receive) a really good massage  - Laura Machida

~~ Have taught and practiced massage for 42 years. Have lots of experience and really LOVE massage! Folks will come with specific requests and I will incorporate them into daily lessons.


General Assembly  - Mark Monson

~~ Mark is an experienced group leader at Saug-For-All. He is an engineer that has done many construction, remodeling and woodworking projects. Mark is the founding (and only) member of the Madison Bob Vila fan club. He has many episodes of This Old House on VHS (but no VCR).


Personal Projects and Custom Crafts  - Amy Beth

~~ I have taught lessons and helped people work at their speed on projects and learning things. I enjoy craft projects and currently do zentangle artwork daily.


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