These are small groups (generally 8 to 10 campers per group) that cover a diverse variety of topics.
Each camper will choose a group to be in for the entire week.

NOTE:  These groups are from a previous camp and are just an example of what our groups can be like.


(from 2016) Art Journalism  - Harold Goldfus

Want to take advantage of the creative stimulation of being at a new camp location? Do you want to stretch and put yourself out there as an artist?

We will be drawing both the camp's landscapes and the week's events, and exhibiting them daily.

(Since this group will be doing the equivalent of a daily visual newspaper, be prepared to attend most of the major camp events.)

Supplies: For this group you'll want to bring A variety of drawing media (pencils, pens, markers, pastel crayons) and an 8.5 inch by 11 inch drawing book with detachable pages. A folder or envelope to store loose artwork.


(from 2016) Bringing the Sacred into Everyday Life  -  Lynne Fairchild

This week we'll cultivate a connection with the sacred that will sustain and nurture you.

"Sacred" is how you define it.

We will play with several different ways to bring divine essence more consciously into our daily lives.

Some possible activities include:

Supplies:  For this group, you'll want to bring bring a pen, journal, colored markers, and some meaningful sacred objects for your altar.


(from 2016) Laughter Lightens Us (Again)  - William Watson and Ann-Patrice Foley

Our focus will be jokes, both planned and unplanned. We would also like to include at least one walking meditation, observing the awe and joy in nature.

We hope to get to know each member at a deeper level, and we hope to laugh a lot.

Laughter & joy are very high vibrations, and we hope this lifts our spirits to make this week an extraordinary experience.


(from 2016) Wit and Wisdom  - Maryellen Doherty

This group is all about positive connections – connecting with ourselves and connecting with other campers as we explore and share about our experience of life.

This is a chance to stop, take a breath, reflect, share, listen, laugh, and learn. The topics are deceptively simple, such as “Food, Glorious Food” and “What is it about color?” - the sharing will take us wherever we’re meant to go. Each person’s experience and stories are different, and the goal of this group is to learn from each other and have fun.


(from 2016) Mosaic stained glass  - Don Spencer

Make a stained glass panel that lets light thru, a framed mirror, or a 3 dimensional piece. We will learn basic techniques of cutting and breaking glass, and some ideas of design. No Soldering, no lead!

This way of working with stained glass leaves more room for improvising and creativity than traditional leaded glass. Don will provide glass and tools to use, bring your ideas and Don will bring choices for art work.

For this group: You can bring your own designs, and even work in a different size or in 3-D, if you O.K. it with Don first. Beyond the basics, it’s possible to do 3 dimensional projects, like candle holders or lamp shades, or flat panels of different shapes on wood; if you bring your own base piece in the shape you want. If you are planning on doing your own design or a 3-D piece or incorporating non-glass elements, please send your ideas to Don at before camp so he can advise on suitability. If you are looking for project ideas or to learn more about mosaic work, Don recommends The Mosaic Artist's Bible by Teresa Mills and available from Amazon. (Note: group assignments are announced by early June.)

Fees: There is a $20 material cost, payable to Don.


(from 2016) Women's Empowerment Group – Laura Machida

Women's Empowerment Group believes that we learn from each other on a very deep level. We will share about the different stages in our lives; our own wishes and desires - bucket lists & goals; we will share our hopes for a fulfilling sexual life along with learning about what blocks us and what opens us; many articles will be available ; trust and confidentiality are essential and we will work hard to build that trust; you do not have to be in a relationship to benefit from this group. This is about you - me - as we are as womyn!

What to bring:  Notebook, sarong, pillow, open heart and willingness to share.


(from 2016) Active Hope: How to face the mess we're in without going crazy!  - Verne McArthur

Finding Our Ecological Self: It can sometimes feel overwhelming to face honestly the environmental and social threats of climate change. How can we feel hopeful?

Well, one way is to actively deepen our connection to nature and the web of life-to develop our 'ecological self'-and 'fall in love all over again' with the world we seek to heal, drawing fresh energy from this connection.

We'll spend lots of time outdoors nurturing this expanded sense of self; lots of interactive exercises-indoors and out. We'll look at what this means for navigating our 'consumer culture' at a time when we need to be conserving. And we'll take an inspiring look at the "movement with no name", the incredible array of life-sustaining efforts worldwide that are beginning to restore ecological health to the planet.


(from 2016) Tennis  - Steve Lyskawa

The purpose of the Tennis Group is to have fun, get exercise and help each other improve their game. We will be playing doubles although single matches can be accommodated if there are enough people and a desire to do so. This group is primarily for those who have reached a skill level of 2.5 - 3.5. (NTRP tennis ratings) Beginning players are welcome and will be accommodated the best we can. Advanced players can choose this group knowing they may have to tame down their game to keep the ball in play or they can play with other advanced players who may sign up. In case of rain, alternative activities will be decided on based on group discussions.

Supplies:  For this group, you'll want to bring bring a tennis racket and an unopened can of tennis balls.


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