Monthly Archives: March 2017

Troubleshooting Dekoven

Right after our first summer at Nissokone we had a discussion.  We talked about the pluses and minuses at this new location.  We found that there were things that we wanted to work on for when we returned.   Not everyone agreed about everything.  It got a little heated.  Ultimately if was very helpful for making that new camp location work.  We came up with solutions for most of the problems.

We haven’t had that same discussion about Dekoven’s pluses and minuses.   The first year anywhere is an adjustment year.  The second time is always more comfortable.  We’ll be back there in 2018, so there’s time to work on ideas to make it even better for our group.

This is a great time to start.   I want to know what you loved and what bothered you.  Let’s work together.  If you have feedback about your experience at Dekoven, good, bad or otherwise, please share in the comments below.  We can discuss here and perhaps start to brainstorm solutions.