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name that tune

I’ve been using my head.
Any guesses as to how/why this picture happened? If you can guess correctly, email me or comment here.   First correct answer will get a $25 discount on the camp week at Dekoven or an accordion concert, your choice. (I recommend the discount.)

If you missed the news, there will be 2 camps next summer. Because of some really fun legal issues  we get to pick new names for each camp. Those of you that came to Nissokone in 2017 filled a large pad of paper with name ideas.

Thanks to all who helped us with name ideas for our camps next summer. Sandy Kreger is running a week of camp at Nissokone June 17-23, 2018. That camp already has a name that I’ll let Sandy announce in one of her newsletters (hint: it was one of the suggestions we got at camp).

We know some of our campers feel that camp will always be SaugForAll and both of our names will honor that name. Sandy’s has the initials S.F.A. Mine will have the initials S.A.U.G.

The week of camp I’m running is August 5-11, 2018 at Dekoven. Mine will be based on another name suggestion suggestion we got, to have the acronym for my camp be S.A.U.G. I’ve come up with a lot of ideas and have narrowed it down to a few favorites (with the help of my Saug-For-All LLC members). Now I’m going to let you decide. Yes it’s a…  gasp…. *poll. I’ll leave this up for a couple of weeks and announce the new name after that.

Here’s the options we chose from. Thanks for voting, the poll closed on October 5th.

*Note: Poll result numbers won’t be published. The name getting the most votes will win. In case of a tie I will decide the winner.