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Block parties

Originally designed to mix our campers in new combinations, offer large group activities that allow more participation, and to foster a sense of neighborhood – block parties also turned out to be a lot of fun.  We did find that starting planning just before camp meant that a few people did a lot of the work.  It also required a busy email conversation right before camp.  People felt overwhelmed.

I think we’ve learned that the block parties can be successful without a crazy amount of activities or preparation.  So hopefully this summer we’ll be less stressed.

Based on what I noticed last year I’m making a few changes.

In 2016 I want to decide the themes ahead of time.  I’m guessing some people may want to choose their housing based on that floor’s theme  (if one strongly speaks to them).  Having themes in place will allow for that.  Also it gives people time to come up with block party activities, decorations or entertainment ideas over time.

BTW there will be a new team called ‘connections’ this summer.  Among other things, that team will be able to help with block parties.

The ideas we’re picking from were selected from those that came up in my surveys last summer.

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BONUS:  Want a sneak peak at some of our morning groups?  

~furtively glancing around and opening my trench-coat to reveal a bunch of webpages hanging from the lining~ 

Lookie what I have here

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  1. I love the way that the new morning groups have the sliding scales like that. You can really get a feel for what the group is about.

    Heather is awesome sauce. -Anonymous

    P.S. Games are easy and portable.

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