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Hello friends,

When I first started coming to camp, people talked about it being different from the regular world. It’s a place where people love and respect each other just for showing up and being who they are. People would often say that camp is the family that they chose. That is my ideal version of camp.

I have been trying my best to stay true to those camp ideals during all of the deciding, polls and discussion this summer. I had been doing ok.

Lately it’s getting more and more difficult to stay in that camp frame of mind.

Our second poll is ending Tuesday. Once I know those results I will send them to a guest blogger. Lynne Fairchild has graciously agreed to help me out, so she’ll be sharing those results. I’m delegating that last task and then I’m going to take a sabbatical.

I need a break. I’m hoping that when it’s time to start planning camp again this winter I’ll feel better. Hopefully I’ll feel more like camp can still be the place I imagine it is. That it’s a place where I belong, and something that I want to orchestrate.

Hearing that I’m having difficulty and taking this break might make you feel like giving me feedback and support. I appreciate that and I’d want to do the same thing. What I think I really need right now is space, even space from positive comments and support.

I’m sorry if this seems sudden. Honestly it’s a surprise to me too. I thought I’d be ok with the polls, but months of dealing with this has worn me down. I set up the polls to help me get information from everyone. I still believe it was the right thing, but it’s turned out to be very difficult for me personally.

The discussion here on the blogs can continue as long as you want.
Please be kind to each other.

I love you all,

5 thoughts on “Blogging Out

  1. I will honor your sabbatical!

    On another note I went to Saugatuck last weekend and stayed on a really cool Houseboat B&B. My friend and I took scooters and we rode to the old camp grounds and through some of the “paved”roads. Everything is gone! The land is beautiful but being sculpted with erosion walls and stone work.

    Met a guy who is doing some of the work. We were all there for sunset. Yes, I was trespassing AND I wanted to see. The land was not bought by a basketball star. It was bought by a local person first for $10M then sold to a Finnish man for $12M. The Finnish man is a developer and he is the one who got through all the planning.

    I just found this info good to know.

    Camp is really in my heart with the people. You folks!
    Lake Michigan will always be part of my soul no matter what part of it I go to.
    Water is that to me.

    Sending love, Laura Machida

  2. Hi Saug-for-All-er’s,
    I’m already getting questions about where to find my blog with the results of the latest poll (the one where we voted whether or not to release the data from the original poll). The original poll, as you will remember, was about the future location of our Saug-for-All camp.

    I haven’t written a blog post on that yet, because the poll about whether to release the data is still in progress; it is open until Tuesday August 23 at midnight.

    I will write that blog post on this blog site, Be Ready for Anything, after I receive the results that I need to report, from Heather. I’m guessing that I will be able to write it by Wednesday night, depending upon both my and Heather’s schedules. She and I need to confer before I can send that out.

    At that same time, I will also write an email to our Saug-for-All alumni mailing list, with a link to the latest poll results blog post on this blog site. Those of you who get a digest of emails from that list may receive the email notification later than those of you who have chosen to be notified about every email that goes out from that list.

    If you haven’t yet voted on whether or not you would like the results of the first poll to be released, you have until midnight Tuesday August 23 to do so. Go to this blog page to do that: That is Heather’s blog post entitled Counting Your Eggs, on this Be Ready for Anything Blog.

    Thanks for your continued interest about camp.
    Many blessings and much love,

  3. Do we have any idea yet re: camp dates next year? Ron & l are at Chautauqua & would like to make a reservation for next year but don’t want it to conflict with SFA.

    1. Hi Alice,

      Next year’s dates are June 18 – 24, 2017, at Nissokone.

      I forwarded to you and Ron the original email from Heather about dates for both 2017 and 2018.

      Many blessings, Lynne

      1. Thank you, Lynne. We did receive the e-mail so were able to make some summer plans without interfering with being at Nissokone.

        Thank you too for substituting during Heather’s sabbatical. It’s folks like you, Heather, and so many others who keep SFA going. As so many have said, “It’s not the place, it’s the people!”

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